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A man feels he doesn't have enough. Another wants to preserve his current life, accepting no changes. Two women seem happy, but deep down, are troubled and self-conscious. Then, there is the parental figure with so much on his mind, so much to say, that he does not know where to start.

These are just a handful of the characters present in OHMIC, a modern RPG classic detailing the adventures of Ronald Cole, his close friend, Bruce Baldwin, his girlfriend, Rachel Jacobs, his co-worker, Felly  Cameron, and his mentor, Frank Barnes. Undertake a long, personal adventure into the depths of the human ability to process life, make their own decisions and communicate with others.


  • Around 20 hours in length
  • Complex bosses and enemies, each with their owns strategies and move-sets
  • Rich, varied soundtrack composed of both original and licensed songs
  • A dark, engaging story with realistic, flawed yet sympathetic characters
  • A deep gameplay experience that includes numerous types of weapons and equipment, hundreds of skills to use, over 15 different party members, varied dungeons, a battle system involving timed prompts, and more
  • In-depth strategy guide with tips and step-by-step instructions on how to get through the game, and a character guide detailing every party member's learnable skills and gameplay styles
  • A relaxed, subtle yet dramatic atmosphere that further enhances playthroughs
  • Four difficulties, each suited for a particular type of gaming; from the laid-back Easy, to the grueling Demonic
  • ...and more!

Expected Release Date

The full game is expected to be released between late 2019-early 2020.

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All downloads have been archived for the time being; the game has gone under massive quality of life improvements since the first alpha release. As such, the final product will be virtually unrecognizable mechanically from the first two releases.

Production on OHMIC will resume, starting today! Keep on the look out for updates.